Custom Doormats

Our custom doormats are made from coir which is from coconuts. Mats are durable and perfect for all weather elements.

Doormats come with "ship ready" phrases which are ready for shipping immediately. However, they can be made to order with your own unique phrase or logo. Processing times for custom mats are 5-7 business days before shipment.

Two Sizes Available

Small - 16" x 24"

Large - 24" x 36 1/4"


Coir is also naturally water-resistant which is ideal for doormats, especially those that are left outside. The naturally present coconut oil in coir repels insects and inhibits the growth of mold. 

The natural appearance of coir is particularly attractive for outdoor use, where it complements rustic styles, brick, and lumber.


Cleaning Instructions:

To clean your mat, first scrape off as much of the visible dirt and debris as possible. If necessary, you can use a tool. Hang the doormat outside and beat it using a broom handle or a similar implement. Do this over grass or dirt, not on your driveway or porch, because there may be a lot of dirt caught between the fibers. With water and a stiff-bristled brush, clean off the remaining dirt particles. Finally, lay your doormat on a flat surface in the sunlight to dry.